“It’s A Boy!” Macaron Box


Cake Batter (5), Vanilla (4)

Congratulations, it’s a boy! Our “It’s a Boy” macaron box makes the perfect gift for boy parents-to-be and baby shower guests alike.

This macaron gift box contains:

  • 5 chocolatey cake batter macarons in a boyish-blue
  • 4 classic white vanilla bean macarons

Is someone in your life expecting a new baby boy? Why not surprise them with this special macaron gift box?

Our cake batter macarons feature our specialty fan-favorite delightful cake batter flavors.

Our vanilla bean macarons are as classically delicious as they come. Whoever said the words “vanilla” and “plain” are synonymous have obviously never tried these bad boys. Vanilla buttercream meets vanilla meringue shells and turns into your new favorite treat.

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Quality Assurance

Our products are made right here at our home base in the Fondren district of Jackson, MS. They are handmade in small batches using traditional techniques and the finest ingredients. Only the best for our family in Jackson and beyond!


All of our macarons are made with pure almond flour and most are gluten-free.

Our delivered products will ship with 2-day shipping. We only ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to ensure that your sweet treats never sit in a warehouse! All deliveries come in an insulated package along with an ice pack to keep everything cool and fresh during transit. Don’t worry if the ice pack is thawed upon arrival, it still did its job!

Enjoy your Spark treats within 5-7 days from delivery. Macarons should be refrigerated to maintain freshness. They can even be frozen for up to 4 weeks!

When storing your treats in the refrigerator, allow them to reach room temperature for 10 minutes before consuming.

Since our products are made by hand by our awesome pastry chefs, they may vary in color and size from what is pictured.